To take a short break from all of our Chinese container news, I thought I would introduce you to one of our newest brands in store – and definitely one of my favourites! The Tokyo Milk range (made in the USA) is filled with objects to desire and coveted treasures. It was born out of a vision where nothing is as it seems, daring the owner Margot Elena to follow the twists, turns and secrets hidden in the packaging, to get there. The packaging and presentation of each item is astounding, with no detail overlooked. Each product has its own distinct something to make it that much more personal and intriguing – such as the quotations inside the lid of the Tokyo Milk lip balms… My favourite would have to be the Bubble Bath – I’ve fallen in love with the bottles and couldn’t possibly choose which one I’d like to take home! Oh, and the candles and perfumes, and small guest soaps… yum! The scents are so refreshing and different to anything else I’ve ever smelt… You will just have to come and experience it yourself to understand what I mean. And one more thing… their cards!!! Oh, THE best cards I have seen in a long time! They are so quirky and full of wit… you just have to come in and see them! Do I sound biased?

On another note, I would like to extend my sincerest apologies for not having the online store up and running (as I had promised)… Danny and I have been looking into it, and we have changed our direction with it… we are still working on it and hope to have it up soon – there will be an online store! It has just been so overwhelming with the amount of product, so we have done a bit of research into running it differently and have come up with a unique way for you to shop – we hope you will like it once it is all up! But I will keep you posted and hopefully soon there will be something for you to browse! So again, we are very sorry for the very long delay!