I am the first to admit that my blogging entries are ‘few and far’ between! Which is why I have decided to try and introduce a regular entry, in which I give you an overview of styles I love and how to achieve them. I hope that I can inspire you with some beautiful images I have spent hours searching for – I know they really inspire me, sparking a new energy to keep updating my own home!

One of the most exciting trends at the moment is embracing eclecticism and mixing and matching an ever-changing collection of items. I personally love eclecticism. I believe it is the best way of creating an emotive and personal interior, through a collection of one off, old and new pieces. Eclectic interiors ooze personality and charm, through the collection of items that been gathered over time. These are often the most difficult interiors to create. They are an ever-changing, ever-evolving process which require a lot of time, patience and imagination to get right. Eclectic interiors require a great deal of dedication and passion, as you continually search for those ‘special’ pieces. Your home should tell a story about you and what you love, along with all of the pieces in it, but it should also be a place of comfort, refuge and relaxation.

You can never stop decorating or adding new pieces to an interior. The rooms in my home never stop changing. I like to move things around and add new pieces in all the time. Danny dreads the days I get to spend at home, because I sit there and dream all day about how I can change the lounge room or rearrange the office. But I love it. It’s refreshing and revitalising for me, even though it keeps me awake all night thinking about it! I love bringing home pieces I have hunted down or bought on our travels and placing them just where I had imagined them to sit.

At Few and Far, we strive to keep an inspiring collection of unique and one-off pieces to complement any interior. Our aim is to constantly inspire and offer an ever-changing store environment. If you feel you’d love to try your hand at creating an emotive interior in your home and need a little help getting started, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a personalised styling consultation to meet your requirements. I’d love to help you and have fun doing it!

Tara x

What all of these interiors have in common, which I find I am particularly drawn to is the mix of glamorous items, mixed with industrial, old and new. I’ve always liked a bit of bling without going over the top, and these images show perfect examples of that. I particularly love Marie Olssen Nylander’s mix of objects from around the globe and attention to detail. I love all of these interiors, but I have to say that her home is my inspiration! I absolutely love it. Each piece in her home tells a story and takes us on a journey to all of the places she must have sourced them from.

Many eclectic interiors also incorporate animal skins or animal inspired pieces… notice some similarities??

Photo References:
Marie Olssen Nylander – sourced from Mixr
Harriet Maxwell Macdonald – Ditte Isager
Jenna Lyons – Melanie Acevedo