Aergul Vintage Turkish Carpet

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The name Aergul means “a bunch of blooming roses”

This Vintage Oushak Carpet has been hand-knotted in Anatolia, Turkey and is approximately 50-70 years old. Carpets from this region are known for their distinct features such as angular large-scale floral design. The base of the carpet is cotton while the pile is made of densely woven small wool knots making it one of the finest quality carpets, perfect for high traffic areas and with an aesthetic appeal that is second to none. 

As this is a vintage piece and one-of-a-kind, some signs of wear is to be expected. We truly believe this adds to the overall beauty and character, telling stories of its past.

Care Instructions: 
Regular Vacuuming and rotation is recommended in order to maintain the quality of your carpet as long as possible 
Spot clean any stains with a towel and warm water immediately - always test a small patch first 
Periodic professional cleaning is also recommended

Dimensions: 295 x 210
Weight: 6kg

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Aergul Vintage Turkish Carpet
Aergul Vintage Turkish Carpet
Aergul Vintage Turkish Carpet