Store Manager - Thirroul


The Store Manager is responsible for ensuring the smooth running and operation of the Few & Far retail store. The Store Manager will operate efficiently and accordingly aligned with established policies, procedures and standards.

This includes but is not limited to managing all key working relationships both internal and external. The Store Manager is expected to be detail-oriented, exceptionally organised, possess a high level of enthusiasm & confidence, WMS / RMS knowledge, time-management finesse, passionate about providing exceptional customer service, a keen sense of community and exhibit excellent communication skills.  

Key Working Relationships

  • Reports directly to both the Retail Manager & Operations Manager.
  • Collaborate with all levels of key stakeholders, suppliers and vendors.
  • Facilitate all operations personnel, business directors, colleagues and retail staff in relation to the retail store needs and requirements.

Business Reporting

  • Retail Store Performance Measures; Ensure all information relating to the retail store is recorded and maintained as per operation reporting requirements including but not limited to; Sales Revenue, Sales Performance, Product Performance, Customer Engagement, Store Performance and Retail Staff Performance. 
  • Store Forum (WIP Report); Ensure all information relating to the WIP report including but not limited to; Store Intel, Sales Aids, Systematic Issues are maintained and reported.
  • Monday Boards; Ensure all Monday Boards are maintained and all associated processes are enacted and fulfilled as required. Including but not limited to; Reorder schedule, Furniture replacement, Customer enquiries.

Key Accountabilities

  • Operational Standards; Maintains all retail store environments by initiating, coordinating, and enforcing standards, operational, and personnel policies and procedures.
  • Store Sales; Meet sales goals by training, motivating, mentoring and providing feedback to sales staff, Propose innovative concepts to increase market share and drive store sales.
  • Customer Assistance; Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction through excellent customer service, Address all issues that arise from customers and notify the relevant department and or personel.
  • Retail Store Environment; Maintain outstanding store conditions and visual merchandising standards as directed by and as per Tara’s specific expectations and requirements.
  • Store Rostering and Timesheet Approvals; Facilitate and collaborate with the Retail Manager with store rosters, Ensure shift coverage is maintained, Facilitate Business Support with team timesheet checks, analysis and approvals.  
  • Staff Management; Address all issues that arise from retail staff and notify the relevant department and or personel, Collaborate with the relevant operational & retail colleagues to conduct staff performance reviews and appraisals. 
  • Store Targets & Performance Measures; Working in conjunction with Business Operations to determine, define, develop, implement and assess store targets and sales objectives as relating to the Business Operations reporting requirements and performance expectations.
  • Out of Scope; Situations may arise from time to time that may require the Store Manager to attend the store outside of ordinary business hours, outside of rostered hours and as agreed and or reasonably required. This may include but is not limited to; Transfer and courier deliveries, absentee coverage etc. 
  • Store Forum; Instigating, facilitating, directing and reporting weekly Store Forums. 
  • Store Manager Meetings; Collaborating with other Store Managers, Business Operations and the Business Directors with Monthly Store Manager Meetings.  
  • Consumables; Weekly stock level checks of all consumables relating to the retail store, advising the Retail Manager of any re-supply or purchase of consumable items.
  • Process Analysis; Constant analyzing of all processes relating to SOP-OP-007 Retail Stores in order to identify and address any inefficiencies and improvements that can be made

Daily & Weekly Schedule Expectations

Daily Tasks 


  • Few and Far candle Light/put out
  • Music on/off
  • Lamps on/off
  • Fill hand sanitiser 
  • Count register drawer morning/ night 
  • Charge devices (ipad/mouse/keyboard/Albert/Speakers/scanner/batteries)
  • Tidy Counter

Visual Merchandising

  • Sort the knobs stand
  • Restock shelves - stock on floor/storeroom
  • Fill paper and tidy wrapping drawers
  • Move forward the mugs on the mug wall
  • Restock bags
  • Restock cushion wall
  • Fluff and tidy cushions around the store
  • Unpack deliveries


  • Tidy kitchen area
  • Check emails
  • Empty rubbish bins
  • Clean bathroom / mop floor


  • Check “Admin Required/New/Pick Up In-store” stages of Sales Orders
  • Stock Adjustments
  • Action Branch Transfers
  • Monday Boards:
  • Follow up customer holds
  • Incoming Shipments - Check for changes/updates
  • Furniture Replacement - Check for approvals
  • Store Compliments - Update with feedback from customers
  • Customer Enquiries - Follow Up
  • Re-order Schedule - Update where required 

Weekly Tasks

  • Tidy storeroom 
  • Tidy boxes for delivery 
  • Remove rubbish bags for delivery day 
  • Clean lighting above counter  
  • Banking 
  • Send weekly banking sheet to Accounts 
  • Purchase essentials (toilet paper/milk etc)
  • Change Linen on bed

Twice Weekly

  • Wipe down all glass / mirrors
  • Vacuum store 
  • Clean floors behind the counter 
  • Branch Transfer 
  • Sweeping out the front of store 
  • Window sills in front window