Bamboo Face Cloth - Set of 3

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Wipe away single use! Say goodbye to single-use makeup remover wipes. These beauties are so much softer and environmentally friendly. Did you know that conventional makeup wipes typically contain plastics so, once they reach the sea, they last for a long time, causing havoc with marine life, plus the plastic packaging?

These reusable face wipes are made from a sustainable 80% bamboo 20% cotton. Use them over and over again and simply just pop them in your next laundry load! Easy peasy!

What you get:

3 x reusable 80% bamboo 20% cotton face cloths

Why we love it

Super soft and luxurious
Simple to wash and re-use
Such an easy way to reduce your plastic footprint
Say no to single-use!

Dimensions: Each face cloth measures 20cm x 20cm

Care Instructions:
After use, add them to your next laundry load and keep reusing!