Diffuser Oil - Rainforest Sunlight

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This light, earthy fragrance mirrors the smell of fresh rain. Ferns lean into the green dewy, water-covered moss. Fresh, leafy greens are surrounded by dewey aromatic blossoms. As the rain subsides and the sun peeks through the trees, the scent of wood settles and the orchids and conifer begins to bloom. After the rain, the smell of vegetation is soft and long. To enjoy the scent, simply add 2-3 drops to your atomiser or oil burner and replenish frequently.

Avoid contact with eyes.
Handle glass pump with care.
Keep out of reach of children.
Avoid during pregnancy.
Do not ingest.
Do not apply directly to skin. 

e17ml / 0.57fl.oz

Diffuser Oil - Rainforest Sunlight
Diffuser Oil - Rainforest Sunlight