The Dogist

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The Dogist is a beautiful, funny, and inspiring tribute to the beloved dogs in our lives. Presented documentary-style as seen through the camera lens of Elias Weiss Friedman, aka The Dogist, every portrait in the book tells a story and explores each dog's distinct character and spirit. The Dogist presents a gallery of dog portraits to make you ooh and aah, laugh, and fall in love. Themed sections include Puppies, Cones of Shame, Working Dogs, and Dogs in Fancy Outfits, giving every dog lover something to pore over. With the author's 1 million plus Instagram followers and growing, The Dogist is poised to reach a large audience of dog lovers looking for the perfect gift book this Christmas.

This wonderfully expressive and moving collection of canine portraits shows the beauty of dogs - young, old, service dogs, pampered pooches, and more; and is the perfect book for dog lovers and pet owners; for readers of Humans of New York and dog books like Underwater Dogs and Shake; for followers of, which number over a million and grow by the thousands daily.

Dimensions: 21H x 21W x 4D