IDE0521-25 B Indian Bajot Table Stand

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Crafted from 70-year-old teakwood, this vintage bajot statue stand (or pooja mandir) was found in a rural home in Rajasthan. It was perhaps once mounted on a wall or placed atop a specific bajot table to display small idols of gods and goddesses revered for protecting farms, households or families. Each was unique to the home and family it belonged to, which is why we love them and return to them each season. In your home, place it on a sideboard or console and use it to display a cluster of decorative items and precious trinkets.

  • One of a kind
  • 100% teak
  • Handmade
  • Origin: Rajasthan, India
Dimensions: 49H x 67W x 39D cm
Weight: 4.5kg