IFU0719-47 Indian Charpoi Daybed

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Dotted throughout India are these beautifully crafted traditional bedsteads, called charpois. Sometimes written as charpai, charpaya or even hhat and manji, the sight of these traditional beds was prolific, and they were habitually used throughout India and parts of Southern Asia. Their design may be simple, but this doesn’t detract from their beauty, charm and the many stories that rest upon them. They consist of 4 intricately carved, conical wooden legs supporting an open rectangular frame, that is then fitted with cotton rope that has been tightly woven into a beautiful pattern. These humble beds were strong enough to support the weight of a grown man yet light enough for someone to carry if they had to travel on foot trailing herds, seeking work, or following the weather.  

One of a kind

100% teak and cotton rope


Circa 1960

Origin: Gujarat, India

Dimensions: 45H x 198W x 99D
IFU0719-47 Indian Charpoi Daybed
IFU0719-47 Indian Charpoi Daybed