Mr Voss Body Wash - Abrais

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ABARIS - Only he who knows the mind and soul, knows the journey heroes go. He who seeks the divine truth, knows the future, holds the proof. Abaris flies on golden wand, healing all, yet curing none. Across the cosmos spells are spun, by an arrow shot into the sun.

Amber | Bergamot | Jasmine | Musk | Rose | Thyme
Ingredients: Mr Voss’s luxury lotion incorporates the finest ingredients to ensure quality, softness and scent. MPC-Liposomes This ingredient improves elasticity – firming, hydrating and nourishing skin. Pentavitin This naturally-derived extract reduces flakiness and itchiness, providing instant hydration and smoothing skin. Vitamin B5 This vitamin is known to be incredibly moisturising, offering long-life hydration. Sulfate and paraben-free.