“Close your eyes and imagine to dive in a heavenly place, caressed by the fragrance of coconuts, surrounded by the strong tones of tropical woods and mesmerized by the vanilla orchids scent. Imagine to wake up in a dream of fragrant plumerias, smoked tropical woods, spicy peppermints, tobacco leaves, juicy limes and orange blossoms. 

Now open your eyes, 

Welcome to Coqui Coqui.”

Every single word in that introduction to the Coqui Coqui Hotel/Boutiques in Yucatan, Mexico just makes me smile and sigh.  I could daydream about relaxing in this beautiful place for hours.  The work and thought that has gone into the design and style of these hotels is absolutely divine.  My personal favourite is the Tulum Residence where you can enjoy the palm trees and white sandy beaches of the Caribbean Sea.  I love its authentic, rustic style and its use of organic elements such as limestone walls.  It imitates the beauty of ancient times in Mexico and the beautiful ruins of Tulum.

The Merida Residence (also owned by the same group) has quite a different style to Tulum but certainly gives off the same WOW factor.  You can see a strong French, European influence in the style of the Merida Residence.  I think its elaborate European design perfectly suites the vibrant architecture of this metropolitan Mexican city.  I love when different styles like, French and Mexican, combine to make a beautiful masterpiece.