JULY 14, 2023

Tips on Styling Modern and Vintage

Written by in-house designer and stylist Gonia Chylinska.

The nostalgia of vintage furniture is making a comeback, with millennials leading the trend on blending old and new`. Not only does incorporating vintage elements add charm and character to your home but it also provides a sustainable solution for those looking to be more environmentally responsible in their design choices. The return of vintage is providing us the opportunity to style with timeless appeal while paying homage to the skills of the past and embracing quality pieces that stand the test of time. Vintage furniture continues to provide inspiration for myself as a designer - be it discovering inspiring colour schemes, natural finishes to unique designs. 

To keep up with this Hipstoric Home trend and the Vintage Renaissance in interiors, I am bringing you my tips as an interior designer and stylist on how to pair modern and vintage pieces in your home. I will guide you on how to use vintage furnishings of all shapes and sizes, in each room of your home, to fight the monotony of modern interiors. Leveraging a simple addition of a one-of-a-kind antique object can transform any interior into an unforgettable, soulful space that expresses your creativity.

So without further ado - let’s begin.

1. Start Small

I recommend starting small to experiment on how you can achieve harmony between vintage and modern. Find a smaller, timeless, antique object you like and place it in a room that needs a bit more depth and personality. Bajot tables, chapati plateswooden trays and parat bowls are my go-to smaller vintage pieces that I use to give an existing minimalist décor an elevated look by blending in a unique, time-honored focal piece. These bowls and plates add personality when on display and can also act as additional storage solutions without compromising on style.


2. Balance and Repetition

When it comes to incorporating vintage pieces and redesigning your modern space, repetition is a tool you can use. A smart combination of antique and modern elements is essential in order for them to complement each other in harmony - without creating confusion or chaos. This is why I often will choose pieces across both styles that have either matching colour schemes, similar patterns or materials. If there is one common attribute between the pieces it will ensure your interior remains cohesive yet still stands out from the rest.

3. Tactile Textiles

Another way to introduce depth and warmth to your room with a touch of timelessness is through vintage rugs and carpets. Our washed turkish carpets soften any space and add unparalleled beauty, while complementing the existing colour palette of the room. They are made by talented hands that hold the knowledge and skills of generations past.

Few & Far also specialises in brightly coloured, vintage Moroccan rugs that give a space an instant visual lift while creating a focal statement. Woven traditionally by women on a vertical loom, these rugs tend to have simple geometric designs running down or across with cream, red, brown or blue colours. Every vintage rug comes with a story. Discovering the remarkable history of the piece will make you appreciate them even more.

4. Grand Statements

Even the cosiest of spaces can have a grand feel with a few pieces of carefully placed antique furniture. Use an oversized Vintage Indian Almirah cabinet or a Vintage Panel Console and watch as your contemporary room transforms into one full of character. Create visual interest by combining modern accents with stately vintage focal points such as our Marbella dining tables to create dreamy, dynamic interiors.

If you are feeling bold, you can select a vintage piece with a vibrant colour to make even more of a statement. You can then infuse this colour into different shades around the room for maximum impact.

5. The 70/20/10 Rule

Crafting the perfect interior look can be a daunting task, but putting the 70/20/10 rule into practice is an easy way to mix modern and antique furniture and decor. To achieve this look without becoming overwhelmed by your vintage choices, aim for majority modern or contemporary pieces with only 20% of accents being vintage and the 10% being another interior style: organic, rustic, japandi etc.


6. The Finishing Touches - lighting, decor and mirrors

Give your home a unique flair with the perfect blend of modern and vintage decor and lighting fixtures. Whether it’s a sophisticated chandelier, antique candle stand or an eye-catching vintage sculpture, you can find stunning options for every space! Vintage mirrors and picture frames bring timeless charm to any room by reflecting light in style.