After hearing the news that our latest one-off Chinese container was onboard YM Efficiency... the ship that lost 83 containers overboard just off the Central Coast, we had everything crossed that the news would be positive for us and ours would still be on board! We were informed a few weeks later that yes, it was on board, but to what extent it could be damaged was unknown... so we (im)patiently waited for more details on what we hoped would be a good result!!! This was to be such an amazing shipment, full of old Xianjing bed cabinets, more floral cabinets and a whole hand-picked selection of some truly unique pieces.
This would have been the WORST shipment to lose overboard... we had finally managed to source a bunch of old Tibetan/Xianjing beds - which are so rare and almost impossible to source these days so this may possibly be our last shipment of these amazing beauties. Each of these old beds (yes they were actually old beds!) have been collected from small villages and have been lovingly restored (each piece takes at least 40 hours to restore) and given a new life, slightly altered to suit Western society. Also included in this shipment is a large range of unique and one-off pieces of furniture as well as a selection of smaller items such as workers stools, rice measures and brick moulds. We promise you are going to LOVE it!! I loved watching the unpack as it’s been so long since I selected all of these pieces I can’t wait to see all of them again and dream up where they will go!!! Here is a sneak peek of a few pieces available, but you'll need to check the website for all available pieces! Everything has now been uploaded online and awaiting new homes... xxx