Valentine's Day Gift Guides

My idea of the perfect Valentine's Day has definitely evolved over time with kids growing up and the business expanding. And as I've mentioned in previous years, Valentine's Day just so happens to be the date we settled on our dream home, a milestone we've worked extremely hard for and something we will never take for granted.  So yes, Valentine's Day has special meaning for me in lots of ways.

Once upon a time, I'd have loved a fancy dinner in a beautiful restaurant (which dont' get me wrong, I'd still be VERY happy with this!). This year I'm looking forward to keeping it low-key with a casual dinner at home together followed by something fun like an outdoor cinema night with the kids.

These days it's less about where I am and more about who I'm with. If I get to spend my Valentine's Day with the ones I love most, then I consider myself extremely blessed.

Tara xx

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