'Currently Between Husbands' by Cathrine Mahoney

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Join us for tea and chocolate
(and a good dose of 'goss!)

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Cathrine Mahoney’s new book
‘Currently Between Husbands’

Join us for tea and chocolate to celebrate the launch of Cathrine Mahoney’s new tell-all book ‘Currently Between Husbands’. Cathrine will be signing copies of her new book and answering all of your questions.

Tea will be provided by the lovely team at The Berry Teashop, as well as handcrafted Australian gourmet chocolate supplied by Kokopod.

Wednesday the 29th of June at 6pm

Few & Far Berry 133 Queen Street, Berry, NSW 2535

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About the Book

Trust me, there is life and love (and plenty of laughter) after divorce, even when your ex is one of Australia’s highest profile sport stars.

Actually, I Don’t Like Cricket Or Blow Jobs! (And to be honest, I suck at both.) Yes, that was what I originally wanted to call this book. But then I realised that some women like cricket. Also, reading this in front of your inquisitive seven-year-old could lead to some awkward conversations. So, in stepped Currently Between Husbands to save the day and any blushes.

Having a relationship in the spotlight is hard enough, but in Currently Between Husbands, Cathrine Mahoney details the unique experience of breaking up with one of Australia's highest profile sport stars.

Even for a self-confessed over-sharer, the breakdown of her marriage to rugby league player Andrew Johns was more public than she was used to. In her first book, the writer, podcaster and publicist provides a self-deprecating and hilarious look at her life – from fashion mistakes and early crushes as a kid growing up in Wales, to her years working with some of the world's biggest stars at Sony Music, to navigating life and love as a ‘solo’ mum, and coming to terms with hitting the big 4-0.

Currently Between Husbands is the equivalent of having a chat with your bestie over a drink or two, with all the inappropriate confessions, front bottom revelations and teary moments that entails.


Special thanks to The Berry Tea Shop

As Cliff and Paulina began to slow down into country life, the idea of opening a little tea shop evolved. The Berry Tea Shop celebrates their love of all things tea and the very British tradition of sitting down to a good cuppa (preferably with a nice bit of cake!).

We’re so excited to have them join us as part of this event.