Vintage Indian Cabinet

$3,195 AUD

Our Vintage Indian Cabinet is hand crafted from natural golden-brown teak timber. Its top cabinetry is a fusion of functionality and artistry, providing ample storage space within. A generous bottom shelf adds both utility and display potential, accommodating prized possessions or decorative items. Beyond its aesthetic charm, this piece symbolizes tradition and cultural significance, often passed down through generations in Indian households, holding not just belongings but cherished memories within its sturdy frame. Versatile in design, it seamlessly fits into various decor styles, blending tradition with contemporary elegance. We can picture it being used in the kitchen or dining area to store all your kitchnwares, table linens and more. Style the bottom shelf with baskets or vintage iron pots and bowls.

Dimensions (cm): 165 L x 77 W x 183 H
Age: 60 - 80
Original Purpose: old storage cabinet
Origin: RAJASTHAN, India
Care Instructions: WIPE WITH DRY CLOTH

SKU: IFU1223-01

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