Hello everyone and welcome to our new website! We finally got there – thank you all for your patience. It certainly has been an exciting and busy time for us with the opening of our store and the lead up to Christmas!

I thought a good start to our blog would be to tell you all the story of our renovations… A lot of you have already been in and admired our BEAUTIFUL floor! Well… it wasn’t always so beautiful! Without going into too much detail, underneath the 2 layers of old lino, masonite and carpet, we discovered a rotten, patchwork floor full of staples and nails. My heart sunk. How could we fix this? So we proceeded to rip up more carpet from the storage rooms out the back in the hope that we may find something salvageable. Bingo! We discovered a whole room of beautiful wide hardwood boards! So we pulled these up, laid a new floor out the back and pulled up, de-nailed and re-laid the whole back floor of the shop.

The floor in the front of the shop was a different story – we all sat on skateboards with grinders, grinding away at the millions of staples that continuously broke when we tried pulling them out with pincers. But we got there! And wasn’t it worth it! Danny and I could not have done it without the help of my wonderful Mum and Dad. Dad (John Symonds Building and Design) was here everyday for 6 weeks with his army of tradesmen trying to get the shop finished in time for our grand opening on the 18th September 2009.

And have you seen our counter top? Every single one of those blocks had been cut to size and glued together! Yes, there was blood sweat and tears! Thank you to everyone who helped out with the shop fit out and setting up – my parents, Danny’s mum and my oma! We really appreciate all of your hard work and effort. xx