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'Intentional Life' has been carefully crafted to return us back to our roots. Prompting us to reflect, be present and recentre.

With a precious earth inspired palette integrating land and water elements, like soil, sea kelp, mushrooms, walnut and soft natural tones, this collection whispers tales of nature's eternal renewal during spring and summer. We invite you to discover the new collection.

Free flowing soft edges and organic shapes, work in harmony to embrace an environment filled with warmth, compassion and comfort. Inspired by the world around us, Intentional Life delves deep into fundamental yet comforting elements, colours and familiar shapes, we often overlook. All designed to anchor us firmly within the sanctuaries we inhabit, paying homage to mother nature.

Tranquil shades of green dance harmoniously alongside earthy tones, to quietly coexist and blend into your space.
Every curve, every woven thread, every touch of natural stone and use of recycled materials in Intentional Life is a tribute to your connection with life's diverse landscapes.

Install intricately hand sculpted paper mache decor to provide an raw and delicate feel to your home. The artistic statement these unique vases and bowls make, creates an instant focal point in your room.

Shop the look: Magda Vase (below). Kasia Bowl (right).

Sophisticated hues of magenta, hazel, berry, and oak, intertwined with intricate patterns of the veining within marble, breaths a fresh spirit into this collection. Together this dynamic blend of timeless colours and innovative designs, fosters a sense of tranquility and resonance within your living space.

Elevate your dining room or kitchen with contemporary flatware and serveware. Featuring brushed brass, antique gold, black and stainless steel finishes, our new dinnerware works in harmony with a variety of interior styles.