With the popularity of the Chinese antiques we stock and our own love for them as well, we decided to invest in a sourcing trip to Northern China in hope of finding some beautiful, unique, antique furniture.

It was always going to be a tough assignment heading into the unknown of Beijing and beyond without having been there before, but I guess a lot of youthful ignorance and a keen sense of adventure gave me the courage to head over there. In my previous life as a graphic designer I’d visited China many times venturing to Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo and Hangzhou, but never this far north.

Some of the most amazing and interesting antique pieces are coming from this area of Northern China, Tibet and Mongolia. The stories of old furniture and it’s heritage has been magnetic for us. To have a 150 year old cabinet whose proud and noble life was storing grain, flour or clothing, only to be restored and find a new home in Australia is a privilege and too much to resist. Selling them will be hard as they now seem like old friends and parting with them will be personal, although Tara warns me some of them may stay with us, adopted for life….at home!

With too much to tell for just one blog, I will split this adventure into three parts, So anyway, the happy snaps.

From top to bottom – Old cabinets await restoration. Wooden axles, rice measures, elm wooden doors used for table tops and cabinet doors, marble stone buddha head, old elm door coffee table, diner, some packing/transport techniques I hope we avoid, beautiful old doors with metal hinges and buckles, dogs – love them in all shapes and sizes, grinding bowls.

More to come, stay tuned!