Shipping furniture in containers means lots of little empty spaces and empty drawers, which means we had space to fill! Having a day spare in Beijing, actually a few hours spare meant I had a chance to visit the famous antique markets. It just so happened that the markets were on the day I flew out of Beijing – I’ve claimed it as good planning?

I could feel Tara’s utter disappointment fifteen countries away, knowing I was going to a “market”….without her! She still feels robbed I’m sure. The few hours I had didn’t even get me through the entire market, but I still managed to find some interesting things for the empty spaces in our freight. Next time, however, I will be there much earlier as so many pieces I liked were either sold or on hold, and they were the ones I had time to see. I am a complete sucker for antiques – old suitcases, transistor radios, room fans, fabrics, bronze, stone, rugs….from all over the world. There was so much it was a little overwhelming, especially in the time I had. A few tough decisions were made and some spaces filled. I took some photos, even a self-portrait in the atm glass door before our account took a hit.