Last blog we mentioned our plans to travel….well, we followed through on those plans and the fruits of our labour are about to arrive any day, fingers are crossed before Easter!

Our last trip was so fun. We both got to go this time and it made the whole process so much smoother and of course having company was good too. What we didn’t expect was just how cold it would be. It was freeeezing! We were definitely not prepared for just how cold it was and how hard it made it to do our sourcing in cold, old buildings with no heating. We would have killed for a simple pair of gloves each. Despite this minor setback each day we still managed to find treasure. We stayed a few more days this time as well, which allowed us to travel farther and wider than previously….which we think shows in the variety of pieces we found.

The other exciting news we have is that we are doing….actually we have done a newsletter which we will start to send out regularly. Our first one will hit your inbox very shortly (presuming we have your email address?), otherwise send us your email address and we will include you in our newsletter run.

So if you’re around, drop by, we have over 55 pieces of furniture. Some of which will make it into the shop and others we will have in storage available to be viewed at request. All are one-offs of course so once they sell, they’re off to forever homes.

See you soon