Happy New Year all! The weather in our country is making it hard to have a happy new year for some, but hopefully it will settle down soon, although our country is always full of surprises weather wise

Blogging has been one of our weaker points so this year the resolution is to stay in contact more and more. With so many people on Facebook we will finally join you there soon, as well linking together a newsletter regularly. Our online store gets harder and harder. Having an emphasis on one-offs and unique pieces makes a shop online quite ambitious, but we will do something to make those pieces available to at least view online.

It is going to be the year of travel for Few and Far we hope. Our importing has been successful for us in so many ways and we hope to not only continue but build on what we are doing so far. It was always our intention to travel as much as we could, to bring back furniture and decor from faraway places built by creative minds.

We are busy at the moment researching and researching our travel plans in search of treasure. India is one place that has always attracted us with it’s amazing and  colourful array of textiles and furniture. For now though we need to revisit Northern China. The furniture and antique pieces have all been so popular. So much so we are out of stock. If anyone out there has any requests please let us know via email or phone and we’ll do our best to find something that suits your measurements and needs. We will be in Northern China as of March so are hoping to expect our shipment to arrive at our little doorstop just before Easter early to mid April. As the pieces we buy are antiques it’s a matter of searching for something that suits your needs, so no guarantees other than we will tirelessly scour the region. There will also be no obligations to buy from us. If we don’t believe the piece is worthy of us to sell we won’t be bringing it back at all.

Gotta go – my chop stick skills definitely need some work and only a few weeks till we are on our big jet plane bound for China.