Hello, Hello! We’ve been waiting and waiting for the right time to introduce a big member of our family, our beautiful Newfoundland Girl “Keelah” (Hawaiian for big and beautiful!).

We’d love her to be a shop dog, but at the moment she has way too much love to give and Can’t resist making new friends – dog lover or not. For now she is still doing her apprenticeship and practising at home. She is very low energy, but being so big (all 64.5kg) that happy go lucky waving tail can be a weapon of mass destruction in a delicate store like ours. She has learnt that being big can have it’s advantages at home as well, like when it’s time to go out, she all of sudden can’t get up and lies helpless on the floor with tired eyes knowing being picked up and carried is never going to happen….we’re very lucky she still has a strong appetite for treats late at night. Yes, she dominates our lives, but loving Newfoundlands, she is everything I ever wanted in a dog…..maybe a little less drool would have been nice!

Being lover’s of all dogs, we try where possible to include pet products where appropriate. We just received great pet beds in this week in a whitewash grey rattan – a very fashionable addition to any home. We’re also stocking some books on dogs too which have beautiful photography by Rachael hale. There’s also dog treats, Herbal woof wash, Herbal flea repellant sachets, Herbal spa mits and cosy canine comforters.

We’ve posted some pics of keelah….I hope you love her as much as we do! All 64kgs of her.