Near the top of my very long wish list, has always been a Beni Ouarain carpet from Morocco… So… for my birthday last Thursday, I decided it was about time, and ordered one in for myself, as well as a couple of extra special ones for the shop!! They arrived just in time, with a day to spare. I was very good, and waited right until Thursday morning to open them up. The carpet I had ordered in for myself was obviously the first one to be opened, and consequently, as a result of having a new addition to the lounge room, I made Danny help me rearrange the furniture and move things around, ready for a new breath of life! I have grand plans for the lounge room, and I’m getting impatient!!! But, my new Beni Ouarain carpet does look and feel (it’s SO soft and squishy under your feet) so beautiful, I love it every time I walk into the room. The carpets we have brought in are all vintage and 40-60 years old. They are all hand loomed sheep’s wool and are very high quality carpets, sure to increase in value and texture over time. They have previously been used as floor coverings, or as large blankets for warmth. Due to the ‘off white’ coloured base, Beni Ouarains are extremely durable and almost stain resistant. What more could you ask for? Being so neutral in colour, they are very versatile and would suit any interior – urban, modern, beach houses, traditional or contemporary styles… We will have these available on our online store very soon! Otherwise, feel free to pop in and have a look (and feel!!! Ooooh!)… In the meantime, I have uploaded some images to inspire you! Tara xx