We are big fans of our furry friends at Few and Far, and applaud their patience as they sit outside the store, waiting eagerly for their owners to return (well actually… some are patient, and some not so patient – but always cute!). Some of them get to come inside, and some wait patiently at the door, testing their limits as to how many steps they can take inside before being noticed…Below are some of the visitors we’ve had recently. We’d love to meet your furry friends!

Meet Alfie. Alfie is a Golden Retriever cross Poodle. He’s just a puppy and so super cute! He can be seen walking around Huskisson, and sometimes makes his appearance on the end of a paddle board in in the creek!

Summer and River are Bernese Mountain dogs. I’ve always love this breed – so gentle and mellow. I think Keelah would get along just fine with this pair!

This is Max visiting who was visiting from the highlands. He’s a French Briard with a very cool fringe…

This is local girl Molly, life member of the drool is cool club. It’s a rarity that we get to meet another Newfie so Molly is a special friend. A Keelah/Molly intro is on the cards – that should be funny!

Meet Ned! Ned was cool (actually a little hot), calm and collected.

And I didn’t quite catch the name of these 2 little ones… I think one may have been called Buster… they were down on holidays recently and enjoyed their guided tour through the stores.

And last, but DEFINITELY not least! Our gorgeous girl Keelah – probably not employee of the month, as she’s been busted sleeping on the job, and what’s worse, sleeping against furniture. On the plus side, she is very good at customer relations – very friendly and always happy (when her eyes are open to know someone is there of course). She’s cheap too, pretty much works for love!