Interior styling doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming (we promise). With these top interior decorating tips as a guide, it’s time to create a space that feels like a reflection of you while working functionally for your lifestyle. Don’t forget to have some fun and choose what you truly love. Trends will pass but there are some ground rules that have stuck around for a while now. Let’s get started.

Curtain call
When selecting curtains for your home, go for full-height curtains only. It will add a touch of elegance and is something that can really transform the aesthetic of a space. In addition, installing a curtain rod at the right height is important. How high you ask? Too low and your ceiling will also feel low, yet placing the rods too high can make a room feel overly formal. Ideally two thirds of the way between the top of the window frame and the cornice profile or ceiling is best practice.


Green scene
If you’re an avid follower of stylists’ work, you’ll notice a common detail in the spaces they transform. Foliage and greenery have long been the go-to for anyone looking to create added interest and beauty in a setting. For an element of drama, we recommend displaying en masse or for a more subtle look try a single stem in a vase. We love grouping the Eucalyptus Long Leaf Spray together for eye catching impact.



Layer your lighting
When it comes to lighting a space, consider these three types of lighting: general, accent and task. General (otherwise known as ‘ambient’ lighting) refers to illuminating a particular area equally and is the background level of lighting. Alternatively, accent lighting is used to highlight a room and its features,
such as artwork or sculptures. Task lighting serves a specific purpose and usually has an adjustable brightness – such as reading lamps. We’ve fallen head over heels for this beauty – the Artemis Table Lamp. Overall, the key is to illuminate your space with a harmonious mix of the styles mentioned above.

Layering lighting

Mix it up
Freshening up the heart of your home (aka the kitchen) doesn’t have to be expensive. For a quick update, change your kitchen cabinetry handles. Then give the cabinetry a fresh coat of paint and voila! We can’t go past the Josephine Knob for infusing a touch of luxe art deco into your cooking zone.


Pattern play
Be bold by incorporating patterns into your interior. We recommend that you work within one or two same colour palettes in a space. To make sure it’s not too busy, include some block colours in the décor to balance out the look. You can also mix and match different shapes and sizes of cushions from the same pattern or alternate patterns between them. The Alby Cushion in toffee features a
classic checked design and would pair well with a block-coloured leather sofa in tan or black.

Rug size
One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is how to determine the size of a rug for a living area. We’ve got it covered (literally!). A rug should anchor your seating arrangement in a lounge room - however it’s important to note that it doesn’t have to fill the whole room. Place at least the front two legs of your sofa and armchairs on the rug and leave some breathing space between your rug and the adjoining walls (a minimum of 30cm apart).


The art of style
A beautiful piece of artwork is a lifelong investment and showcases your personality in a space. However, there is one important consideration when it comes to hanging your art – scale. If the piece is large, it can be displayed as a stand-alone feature or can be utilised to balance a large piece of furniture. Our pick is a piece aptly titled ‘Flourishing’ from the talented Indigenous artist Natalie
Childs. Alternatively, smaller artwork looks best displayed in a group if hanging on a wall. Otherwise lean it against a shelf alongside treasured ceramics and planters as a stunning vignette. The abstract print Corfu 1 Sand would sit perfectly in your home.



By following these top 7 home styling tips, you can easily style any room in your home to look its best. If you need help getting started or are stuck on what to do next, our stylists and interior designers at Few and Far are here to help. Book a styling consultation today and we'll help you transform your home.