Is there anything better than wrapping your hands around a warm mug on a cold morning, and breathing in the cinnamon-y goodness as it warms you from the inside out?

I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to recreate that feeling every morning with the perfect winter chai recipe.
Mornings are busy. I know all too well the rush around every morning to get showered, pack lunches, get the kids ready and trying to make it out the door on time with one rascal under each arm.

It is hard to get that morning me-time, but it’s essential in starting your day off the right way.

So, I’ve got a great chai recipe suggestion that you’ll want to get up that extra 5 minutes early for.


• Chai addict (available in store)
• Powdered ginger
• Powdered cloves
• Powdered cinnamon
• Dried oranges (optional)
• Milk (I used oat milk)
• Honey


• Warm-up 30ml of chai addict on the stove
• Add a pinch of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and a dried orange
• Pour into one of our Senseo mugs
• Froth your milk
• Add frothed milk to the mug
• Stir through honey
• Enjoy your morning bliss