Getting Your Home Winter Ready

Us Aussies sort of get gypped when it comes to winter.  Many of us miss out on the vibrant hues of seasonal changes, there are no fun holiday gatherings to look forward to, and only a few of us will ever experience the fluttering fall of snow. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t love winter.

Since the majority of our time will be spent indoors for the next few months it only makes sense to create a cosy space to retreat to. Winter should be a feeling, so we have come up with some tips to help enhance your experience this season.

Winter Warmers Few & Far

Luscious Layers…

Layering is one of my favourite things about winter.  Velvets, textures and woven wools lend beautifully to homes and add so much warmth.  Your bed is a perfect place to start.  I always get so excited to pull out my pretty coverlets, quilts and super soft sheepskins. 

TIP: Try a relaxed approach when making (or not making) your bed. Loosely drape layers on top of your linen. Not only is it easy and effortless but it looks beautiful too. 

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Winter Warmers Few & Far

Routine rituals…

There’s something so calming about winter afternoons when the sun starts to set.  Every weekend I like to ease into the night with a warm cup of tea and a good read snuggled in a chunky knit throw.  Even if it’s only for a half an hour of quiet time or reflecting in a journal, create a winter routine to look forward to.

TIP: We love a good mug and drink to go with it. Spiced chai, hot chocolate with marshmallows and hot apple cider are some of our favourites in winter. We have some great oversized mugs that will be sure to put a smile on your face every time you use them.

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Winter Warmer Few & Far

Delicate nature…

Winter months are notorious for not having the best varieties of flowers and foliage on offer at the markets. This Autumn I encourage you to try drying out your favourite florals or decorate with sculptural branches. There is something so beautiful about the desaturated tones and rustic feel you get from dried botanicals. Some of our go-to’s are cotton, pampas grass, lavender, hydrangeas and daisies. The best part about them is that they will last all winter! We also have Faux flowers that look just as nice.

TIP: Tie stems with a string and hang upside down to dry.  Dry in a dark, cool spot if you want to preserve as much colour as possible. 

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Winter Warmers Few and Far

All about ambience…

Easily achieve a rich ambience by clustering candles on your coffee table, mantle or outdoor veranda. Play with size or arrange artfully on a tray. Glass iridescent votives and lanterns like these glisten and glow creating a calming effect.

TIP: If you have little ones running around, flameless candles are a great alternative that really do the trick.

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