Our beautiful pots and planters have arrived and we styled them all throughout our house the other day. A while back a friend told me that the secret to keeping a plant alive is by talking to it… I know, I know it sounds crazy but it’s true! I now talk to my plants while I water them … but don’t judge me! haha! Just a few words of encouragement with a gentle little pat and I must say, they are flourishing! If you give them a little tender love and care they will definitely show it back.
House plants are not just limited to your living room, you can add them all over the house. Hopefully these styling ideas and care tips, will inspire you and get your indoor garden growing all over your home…
 House plants
1. In the bedroom…
Having plants in your home promote wellbeing and clean living. If you are lucky and get lots of natural light, we say, go all out! Create an oasis with lush greens and cascading foliage. It will literally breath life into your home and become a beautiful feature over time.
Care Tip: Whilst most plants love sunny spaces it’s still important to keep them away from direct sunlight.  Some plants like Fiddle Leaf Figs, Pothos Vines and Peacock Plants do marvellously in naturally lit areas but can quickly diminish under the harsh sun rays.
 House Plants Kitchen
2. The kitchen is calling ….
Herbs in your kitchen are always lovely to look at and not to mention super convenient when you want to whip something up. Keep a couple of essentials like basil or mint near a sunny window or style them next to your basin like we did here...
Care Tip: There is no drainage hole in these planters so you can just place the plant right inside with its plastic container. This makes it easy to replace or swap out from time to time if you want to mix it up a bit, not to mention the planter catches the water, so it's perfect for indoors (no spillage!).
Get the look:
 Peggy Planter Medium Coil Planter Small Peggy Planter Large   
House Plants Console  
3. On sideboards or consoles…
Consider variations in your pot sizes when it comes to styling. We have a couple of tall planters/vases called the Queen Vase and Betty Footed Vase (cute names right?) that make styling fun because you can play with height. Our go-to styling trick is to alway place our pots on and amongst stacks of coffee table books or magazines. It can add interest to your sideboard or console and bring life into a hallway or entry.
Care Tip: For ferns, water regularly and keep out of direct sun. If you want something that’s low maintenance and falls beautifully, Bridal Veil (furthest plant to the left) is a great option. It doesn’t require much water and is suitable for both in and outdoors.
Get the look:
 Queenie Vase Coil Planter Large  Betty Footed Vase  Betty Footed Planter Small
House Plants Succulents  
4. Top of the table…
Group pots in the centre of your table or coffee table for a creative little collection. What we love most about our ceramic pots and planters is that no two look the same.  There are slight variations in the colours and finishes to give a bespoke feel. All of our planters' colours and textures compliment each other so you can mix and match as well. Remember to use the odd numbers rule when styling up your centre piece.
Care Tip: Start with succulents. If you are new to the indoor garden trend then we recommend starting with succulents because they are extremely easy to care for.  They don’t require too much water and grow almost anywhere.  If you can keep these guys alive then it will hopefully build up your confidence and help you ‘branch’ out to other plants.
Get the look:
 Coil Planter Small  Coil Planter Medium Peggy Planter Extra Small
I hope this has inspired you to get planting. Trust me, it's easier than you think! 
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