Our brand new Indian Shipment has arrived and when I say we're excited - that's definitely an understatement! Due to the current world climate we're waiting longer for shipments to arrive, which means we'd almost forgotten what was coming! As soon as we opened up the doors to the containers, we knew this was one of our favourite shipments and we're so thrilled to share it with you! Check out some of my favourite pieces below!

Check out all of the new pieces


IFU0721-75 - Vintage Indian Coffee Table

Originally from Rajasthan, this spacious coffee table will add warmth and personality to your home. Crafted from whitewashed teak that is over 6 decades in age, this beautiful piece is the perfect blend of traditional Indian craftsmanship and British Colonial design, that we think adds to its unique character and charm. Gather with loved ones around your new table and enjoy cheese boards, coffee and all of life’s little pleasures.


IFU0721-05 - Vintage Indian Box

This vintage Himachali box was found in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, a neighbour to the Himalayan mountain range. It is a beautiful place, dotted with Tibetan temples and Buddhist monasteries and we believe you can really feel its sacred undercurrent. Handcrafted from teak, this 80-year-old piece is as practical as it is beautiful. Place atop a console table or in the centre of a spacious dining table and fill with rolled linen napkins and sets of heirloom cutlery.

IFU0721-15 - Vintage Indian Glass Almirah

Almirahs, both big and small, were a staple piece in almost all Indian households. They were used to store salt and grain in the kitchen, or saris, quilts and other textiles in living spaces and bedrooms. Salvaged from Rajasthan, this petite, 80-year-old almirah was used to store a collection of traditional kantha fabric. Handcrafted from solid teak, it has since been fitted with delicate glass panels and still has its original paintwork intact. We think it would make a lovely sideboard in almost any space filled with a stack of heirloom ceramics or a set of crystal wine glasses.

IFU0721-51 - Vintage Indian Glass Sideboard

Infused with tales and memories from its original home in Rajasthan, this unique sideboard is as beautiful as it is practical. Crafted from solid painted teak, it features front opening doors and has been fitted with delicate glass panels. Fill this piece with a curated arrangement of your favourite trinkets and treasured family heirlooms and top with framed photographs and a scented candle, or two.

IFU0721-36 - Vintage Indian Sideboard

This beautiful sideboard has been infused with tales and memories from its land of origin in Rajasthan, a state in India’s north. This 60-year-old piece has been crafted from painted teak panels and fitted with front opening doors. It features its original iron hardware that is artfully contrasted against the soft white hue of the timber. Fill this piece with a curated collection of your favourite trinkets and treasured family heirlooms and top with a scented candle or two.