Spring Lockdown Picnic Essentials

It's week 8 of lockdown for Sydney and week 2 of lockdown for NSW. To say we're going a little stir-crazy is an understatement. We're lucky we haven't been in lockdown for as long as Greater Sydney, but I'm definitely feeling the stress of homeschool, running a business and running a household.

It's tough times for everyone, our retail stores have shut inline with NSW COVID-19 regulations, but we're grateful that we still get to operate online. Our team has really come together during this time, the team in the warehouse is working harder than ever to make sure all deliveries are going out on time and our office team are on constant Zoom calls with each-other.

It's not all bad though - I love being able to spend extra time with the kids (even if that means taking phone calls with some extra background noise) and taking trips to the beach to destress.

We could all use a little break from the insanity that is lockdown, which is why I've popped together some of my lockdown picnic essentials. Easy to set up on the balcony, in the backyard or even just in the living room. FaceTime your friends and have a virtual picnic together!


1. Drinkware

Our beautiful range of acrylics have recently had a huge restock, which means they're available and ready to leave the warehouse as soon as you click checkout.

They'll continue to be the perfect picnic-ware throughout the seasons and even after lockdown because they're durable and can be carted around with you on a hike or to a beautiful beach sunset.

If you like something a little more refined, we have a brand new range of beautiful glassware which you can find here.

2. Platters

You might have remembered all the charcuterie but if you forget the platters it's just not a proper picnic! Our marble platters are the answer to your picnic prayers. Add some olives, sun-dried tomatoes, hummus or even an array of colourful fruits.

If marble doesn't fit your picnic aesthetic, no worries! We have a huge range of serving platters.

3. Cushions & Linen

Lay down your cushions and linen as a base to sit on and build from there. Food and drinks are important, but what's a picnic without the comfort? We have a whole range of cushions and linens, but if you're looking for something at home, a table cloth or sheet will do the trick! 

Be mindful not to spill anything if you pick out the expensive Egyptian cotton sheets!

4. Utensils

Depending on the type of foods you've decided to indulge in on your picnic, you'd definitely be needing some type of utensils! There's nothing more annoying than trying to cut into a wheel of cheese with the edge of a biscuit. So make sure you've got some cheese knives ready to go!

If you're like me and fancy yourself a sweet treat, then you might be needing a fork for that cake!

5. A table

So you've got your drinkware, serveware and utensils - now you just need a place to put everything! Add it to your coffee table for a little extra height. They're the perfect for lounging at ground level and bring an air of sophistication to any picnic.

Plus, once you're done you can pop it back in front of your couch!

6. Food & Drinks

The final piece of the picnic puzzle is of course the food and drink! Platters mixed with charcuterie and fruits are always my go-to because they have the salty and the sweet (while still being somewhat healthy - no more COVID kilos!).

I also love all of the Mr Consistent cocktail mixes for a quick and easy cocktail.

Don't forget to reduce waste and put away all of your left overs for later!