Staff Gift Guide

As busy as the lead up to Christmas can be, we love feeling of the joy and excitement in the air as we inch closer and closer to the festive season. It’s also a time to celebrate with the team and reflect on our achievements of the year. This year has been a challenge, to say the least. So, we are going to celebrate two-fold! We asked some members of our team to share their Christmas wish lists and tell us a little bit about what this season means to them. 

The Creative

We are so busy just before Christmas, but I always feel nostalgic and incredibly happy. There is so much excitement in the air as we approach the silly season! Christmas for me, is a time to completely switch off and enjoy my time with family and loved ones. Bare feet, cicadas singing, camping in the backyard, time at the beach and a celebratory glass (or 2!) of champagne in the evenings. Ah, that's what Christmas is all about! 

1.  Indian Brass Bucket  2. Chinese Shanxi Pot  3. Antique Chinese Shanxi Console  4. Relax Essential oil  5. Pavilion Acrylic Champagne Flute. 6. Tapware Brass Fan. 7. Synergy Oil Burner  8. Petiole SOH Candle  9. Desert Nights Eau De Parfum  10. Hermosa Raffia Pendant  11. Keturah Glass Votive 


The Resident Wordsmith

For me, Christmas can be wrapped up in one word: family. Christmas Day reiterates that how you show up for the people you care about really is the only thing that matters. Even though I love giving gifts to the people I love, for me it’s not about receiving presents. It’s about who I am with. I have long believed that ‘home’ is my parents. If I am with them and my brother and sisters eating delicious food and listening to our favourite music, then Christmas cheer is at its peak! I am incredibly close with my family and have recently moved about 3 hours away from them, so it will be amazing to make the long drive home and be surrounded by their love and laugher again. We all gather at my parents’ house and eat way too much, hug each other way too tight and laugh until our bellies are aching. 

1. Seabreeze Table Lamp  2. Seed & Sprout Shopping Tote  3. Billy Relax Chair  4. Old Indian Parat  5. 'Catching Waves' Artwork  6. Tahitian Coconut Candle  7. Queen Duvet Cover - Turmeric  8. Shoreline Spoons  9. Ruffle Pillowcase Set - Turmeric  10. Aurora Mug

I’ve adopted a similar taste and style to my beautiful mum, and I love to keep my home light, bright and filled with meaningful things. Each of the items on my wish list reflect this – soft linen to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, a candle to transport me to a family holiday, a mug to sip my favourite hot drink, and a coastal print to remind me of my family’s shared love of surfing and the coast. 

The Online Extraordinaire

Christmas is a sacred time for me to catch up with my friends and family without the distraction of work. I come from a family with an Italian background so on Christmas day a food coma is inevitable (and encouraged). My heritage has definitely influenced the items I’ve chosen for my wish list.

1. Ariel Mug  2. Tortellini At Midnight Cookbook  3. Incense Burner Set  4. Seed & Sprout Reusable Straws  5. Mr Rosado SOH Candle  6. Linen Tablecloth  7. Pruners  8. Organic Salt Scrub - Lemon Myrtle & Lime  9. Modena Table Lamp  10. Chinese Glazed Pot  11. 'Italian Afternoon' Artwork

I love hearty, delicious Italian food and cooking for my friends, I love pampering myself with quality products, I love tending to my little 
giardino at home, and I also love surrounding myself with striking furniture and decorative pieces. These are the things that make me happy to be in my home. 

The Retail Mastermind

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year. During this time, I am completely overcome with nostalgia. I have so many warm and wonderful childhood memories of Christmas, spending time with family, decorating the tree, sipping eggnog by the fireplace and indulging in decadent Christmas dinners. I grew up in Newfoundland, Canada, which meant every Christmas was a white Christmas! That is something that I still yearn for even after being in Australia for 25 years. 

1. Life is Beautiful - Pop Open Cards  2. Brass Lassi Cup  3. Textured Candle  4. Vintage Indian Candlestand  5. Ceremony Candle Snuffer  6. Vintage Turkish Carpet  7. Few & Far Signature Candle  8. Green Aventurine Serving Board

My wish list is a collection of products for self-care, which I believe we often forget to do throughout our busy years. Christmas is the perfect time to slow down, reflect and remember what is really important. I already have some incredible pieces from our previous collections in my home, but you’ll see that my wish list also includes more special items that I would love to introduce to my space. The precious pieces we have here at Few and Far are just too hard to resist! 

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