Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary in 6 simple steps

Interior decorator, Dorothy Draper, once quipped that “of all the rooms in the house, your bedroom is yours.” Indeed, your bedroom needs to be a place where you can restore and rejuvenate - however that may look and feel to you. A bedroom needs to be calm and cosy and it should reflect your personal tastes. But, fundamentally, it should feel like a welcome embrace and leave you feeling deeply relaxed so it can facilitate your most restorative and refreshing sleep.
Bedrooms, and beds more specifically, are amongst my favourite things to style. I love seeing a beautiful, plush bed come together in a flurry of sumptuous linens and decorative cushions. And I love seeing a bedroom console or dresser take shape through vases, lamps and stacks of books. Your bedroom is your chance to tell the story of you and proudly display the things (if even just to you) that leave you feeling peaceful and present.   
There certainly are a lot of elements to consider when curating a bedroom that is as serene as it is stylish. However, by following the simple guidelines I have outlined below, you can create the bedroom of your dreams.
STEP 1: Start with your bed.
Like I said above, styling a bed is one of my favourite things to do. Before we get to the fun part, thought, it is important that you select a bed that will suit your space and your lifestyle. Your bed is the biggest (and sometimes the only) piece of furniture in your bedroom, so it’s important to make the right choice.
Are you renting and short on precious storage? Then a bed with spacious drawers built into the frame might be suitable for you. Alternatively, do you have a large room with loads of open space? Then perhaps a statement, four-poster bed is calling your name? It’s entirely up to you, but whatever you choose, make it suit you, your style and your current needs.
When considering your bed, it’s also important to consider whether you want a headboard or not. If you already own a bed that suits your lifestyle, but it doesn’t have a headboard (and you’d like one), then instead of investing in an entirely new bed, simply add a bedhead! I promise it will completely change and enhance the look and feel of your room.
STEP 2: Choose the right bedding.  
Now, this is the fun part! Selecting your bedding is so enjoyable and the bedlinen you choose can really set the tone of your room. Personally, I prefer flax linen that has been pre-washed because it is second to none in terms of texture, longevity and aesthetic. It ages beautifully and continues to soften over time with each wash. That’s why we will always have it in our collection.
Start with your sheets. Don’t be afraid to splurge on your sheets, because after all, these are the pieces of your bedding that will be touching your skin as you sleep. They don’t need to be as bright, colourful or textured as your duvet (unless you’d like them to be), but they certainly need to be of high quality. Sheets are not an item to skimp on – this is the golden rule!  
Next, consider your duvet. If you prefer a serene, monochromatic aesthetic, then by all means stick to your earthy, muted tones. However, if you prefer colour and pattern, don’t be afraid to stay true to your vision. Whichever covering you choose, fill it with a fluffy, hotel-grade duvet insert. You want your bed to be almost irresistible and a plush, cloud-like duvet will make it delectably soft and comfy. To see how I style a bed, you can watch my guide here.
STEP 3: Get cosy with soft furnishings.
I love a layered and textured aesthetic when it comes to bedrooms, and often choose to include soft furnishings like decorative cushions and throws blankets for added interest. By doing so, I believe a space can be completely transformed into one that is not only beautiful but also truly personal.
Dress your bed with scatter cushions in different sizes, colours and textures. Remember, contrast is key; don’t be afraid to mix and match different colours or different textures (or even both!). A good tip, however, is to place a basket next to your bed to pop the scatter cushions in so it isn’t too cluttered when you sleep.
Complete the scene with one or two throw blankets that complement the overall scheme of your bedding. Regardless of your chosen colour palette, texture is a must! It adds a softness and cosiness to a space and makes it more visually appealing. 
We’ve briefly touched on bedheads, but I really can’t recommend them highly enough. They completely change a bed and a space, particularly if your budget doesn’t allow for an entirely new bed frame or a comprehensive compendium of scatter cushions.
STEP 4: Design a lighting scheme.  
Lighting is one of the easiest ways to add ambience to a space, especially when it comes to your bedroom. Now, when I say, ‘lighting scheme’, I don’t mean that you need to produce a complicated lighting plan. I simply mean that you should choose some lighting accents to enhance the look, feel and use of your bedroom. Obviously, bedrooms are for sleeping, reading and relaxing (and the occasional breakfast in bed!), so you want the lighting to be soft and gentle.
Place small table lamps on your bedside table, or mount sconces on the walls to either side of your bed. You might even consider a floor lamp if your room doesn’t have enough space for a bedside table. I suggest your bedroom’s overhead lighting be dimmable and that the light from the bulbs be warm and soft. There is much to learn when it comes to lighting, so you might want to read my tried-and-true lighting tips, which can be found here.
STEP 5: Consider what’s underfoot.
I’ve said it many times before, but I have an infatuation with rugs. They have the ability to inject a space with personality and visually ground different areas. In the case of your bedroom, a rug will frame your bed and add a softness underfoot for when you first wake up in the morning. Ensure the rug you choose complements the overall colour scheme of your bedroom and promotes a feeling of contentment and calm. To make sure you are choosing the right rug for you (and caring for it properly), take a look at our guide here.
STEP 6: Add the finishing touches.
Once you have crafted your perfect bed, and you have added the big-ticket items like rugs and lamps, it’s time to add in any finishing touches that you think your bedroom needs. Consider candles, books and baskets. You might want to include an occasional chair in one corner with a sheepskin draped over it, or a statement artwork on the wall above your bed that reminds you of a special day. Or you might even want to make your bedroom a ‘phone-free zone’ and add a beautiful wall clock to take the place of your digital timepiece. Like a bowerbird, simply collect and add into the space all of the beautiful things that catch your eye to make your bedroom entirely your own.
Sweet dreams,
Tara x