Well one of the best things about getting married is the nice holiday you get to have after the big day. In our case it was definitely one of the best things and a great way to start our new life together. It was all a bit last minute (the honeymoon destination, not the wedding – well maybe that too! The planning anyway!) but we decided to visit Turkey. When I say ‘we’ decided, Tara was very persuasive in the decision. Palm trees, warm water and a lot of relaxing with the odd surf thrown in was actually slightly more appealing to me, especially knowing Tara and her ability to blur the lines between a holiday and a sourcing homewares and furniture excursion…ends up I do know her well. I must admit I can also be guilty, but at least I admit my weaknesses. Just the words “Grand Bazaar” was too much to resist so off we went. We will split this blog into three parts as our trip was a trip of three regions – thriving colourful Istanbul, the Mediterranean Coast, and inland Cappadocia.

We had over four days in Istanbul at the start of our adventure with 3 days put aside at the end (to pick up anything we may have missed!). Based on recommendations, we gave ourselves plenty of time in this vibrant, busy city. There is so much to do in Istanbul, with its amazing history everywhere you look. If anyone says the food in Turkey is great, they are lying, it’s so much better than great! Every meal was a feast of flavour.

No points for guessing our first stop in Istanbul – the Grand Bazaar. Once in the bazaar, it was an explosion of colour and people. Many of the stalls and shops trade in similar wares and we were warned be very wary of prices, but we found the whole experience so much fun. Having two homewares stores makes it so hard to resist wanting to bring it all home (we usually do – bring it home that is?). I am not sure what it is, but the traditional patterns and mosaics have always been fascinating to me. Even as a kid I used to love the patterned tribal rugs – I have always wanted one, so seeing all the rugs, carpets and mosaics everywhere I looked was amazing and so inspirational. I love taking photos and this trip I think Tara saw more of a camera in her face than me. We visited every historical site we could find in our guide and ate like sultans. We saw Moses’ staff, King David’s sword, walked corridors in some very old places that my mind can’t even comprehend the age of, and ate like sultans…again – yes the food was amazing!

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