Exciting news! We have recently purchased a very cute little cottage opposite the bakery in Huskisson, which we are planning on converting into a shop! Over the coming weeks (when the DA FINALLY gets out of council!) we will be renovating the little beauty and transforming her into a quaint and beautiful new shop… I can’t reveal any details yet… it’s a surprise! BUT, our other store Indigo Love will be moving into the cottage once it’s finished (fingers crossed before Christmas!) and we will be selling a whole new and different range of homewares and furniture from India and all over the world (different to Few and Far, but providing you with even more variety between the two!)… The ‘new’ Indigo Love will carry a unique range of industrial furniture as well as reclaimed timber furniture (with a few nice aged leather lounges in there too!). I can’t wait! We’ve got some great ideas in store for the renovation and I’m really looking forward to seeing it finished. We have a lot of work to do (as always! Nothing has even been started!)… walls need to be knocked out, floors relaid, windows enlarged and some nice big decks to be added… Isn’t it exciting!!!! My dad who is doing the renovation (again) for us isn’t so excited, but as always he will do such an amazing job – It’s going to look great!

Oh, and I know it’s been a long and frustrating wait, but we should have our online store up and running by the end of the year. It is almost finished and ready to go live. I’m really sorry about the wait, but we had a complete change of heart and mind half way through it last time, and have had it rebuilt since… but we have lots of new goodies that will be loaded on the site to buy online… as well as a new and improved website!

Watch this space!!!