We have FINALLY been issued with a construction certificate to start renovations on our new Indigo Love cottage shop! So as you can imagine, it’s all hands on deck and full steam ahead as there are only 5 and a bit weeks until Christmas! So we don’t have long, considering the amount of work that needs to be done on the old shack. Most of the walls need to have all of the external timber cladding removed and replaced with Hebel (for fire proofing regulations!) which is very frustrating, as it will completely ruin the cottage aesthetic of the house which is what we loved so much about it. We will be doing our best to try and retain this though, however the guidelines/specifications don’t make it easy. So far all of the internal walls have been cut out and most of the floor has been relaid… one of the fireplaces had to be removed, so there is now a huge hole on one side – nothing that can’t be fixed! I have to admit, even though there is so much work ahead, I am still so excited to see it all coming together. Our Indian container is due early December, so hopefully it will be in some sort of shape to display some of that stock… otherwise… I’m not sure what plan B is yet. Anyway, just thought I’d leave you with a bit of a sneak peak into the state of the new shop… enjoy!