We always try to search for antiques, but these are becoming few and far between… not to mention REALLY expensive. We have managed to pick up quite a few really beautiful antiques though, which will be well worth the money. Soon there will be no more antiques, only cheap reproductions which are never quite the same. We even came across a piece at one of our suppliers that was 10,000USD!!! Wow! Danny loved it!!! But there was no way we could buy that! The paintwork on it was in such good condition and so much detail!

I’m very happy with our selection of pieces though. I think overall, we have come up with a really good mix and some very ‘different’ pieces that would really stand out in a variety of homes. We have a mix of new pieces (made from old timber) and antiques, but mostly antiques, as we always strive for something that is genuine. I can’t wait for it to all arrive!!! We’ve also got a good mix of small things too! Life buoys, grain measures, candlesticks, dough bowls and a few other curios.

I was lucky enough to find an artwork for my lounge room which is over 150 years old… and some very old Mongolian bedside tables (150 years old) with original paintwork. I can’t wait to get it home and up on the wall!!! We’ve just started building such a nice collection of things, it’s really coming together now! I’m not sure how I got away with it, but I managed to sneak these couple of things in! It’s so hard parting with everything when it comes into the shop… I love them all!!!

Anyway, I hope you love these pieces as much as we do – we’re excited to be adding a bit of colour and diversity – each piece being a real statement.