I know I’ve gone on and on about San Giorgio Hotel in Mykonos before, but I just keep coming back to it for inspiration and when I am trying to create a sense of calm… Every time I drool over the photos, I can’t help but dream of a summer holiday to Greece, imagining that I am absorbing the sunshine and feeling the refreshing sensation of that beautiful blue water… but then, all I have to really do is look out the window to realise that we already live in paradise – Jervis Bay is so spectacular… of all of the places we have traveled, it is truly amazing and still to this day, takes my breath away… so why not try to recreate the look in my own home? I’ve experimented with a lot of styles, but I find that I keep coming back to white, bright interiors mixed with raw timber and soft organic touches of colour – the kind of colour you might find woven into a vintage rug or cushion embroidery.

I love everything about this hotel. I love that each guest room is completely different, so that each time you stay there you are able to enjoy a completely different experience. I love the tiles on the floors (I have quite an obsession with tiles!), the Chinese and Indian furniture and decorative pieces, the vintage rattan, the amazing Moroccan and Turkish textiles and rugs… not to mention those hanging chairs (which we have in store right now!)… and as for outside… the shutters and the stonework are beautifully complemented by the rustic raw timber table and old Chinese workers stools. Such understated casual elegance. It all looks so effortless (but we all know there have been big plans behind this beautiful scheme!).

Each week I plan to take you on one of my ‘daydreams’ to exotic and faraway places that inspire me… I can’t wait to share the next one!!!


images sourced from San Giorgio Hotel