“So do you get to do all the buying and traveling to all of these exotic places?”. That’s the question we get asked quite often, and when the answer is “yes” with a wry smile, most people follow it up with “Oh you lucky things!”.

I actually used to try to ease their pain by explaining how hard it is… I’ve tried explaining that it’s no holiday, we go at it all day, often staying in pretty average accommodation and then there are the flights, airports, disrupted sleeping, the worry about spending large sums of money and banking literally on our own taste…blah blah blah. I used to try to explain that but it still sounds a bit spoilt doesn’t it?

But don’t worry! We feel extremely lucky to not only be in our own business, selling what we love, but traveling the globe as part of our ‘work’, choosing what we would like to sell. In fact, on the last trip, I was walking out from the airport terminal out on the tarmac to our plane and  thinking, “I am SO lucky”. It’s been interesting, different, stimulating and inspirational as always to be traveling. It’s traveling and experiencing different places, meeting different people, and being in situations that make you feel great, but then there are other parts that can be stressful, like wondering whether the taxi driver is going to rip me off… but all of these experiences are what make it all so great. My old jobs have been mostly working in studios or office spaces and no offence to those people who I have worked with but I have learnt so much more on the road. Talking politics and history with the Turkish to finance and cricket with the Indians – sharing ideas, information and opinions that I could never get in a office… That’s the part I love most I think – meeting different people that can always teach me something new!

Until the next trip… Danny