I’d promised myself I would blog more regularly… that was months ago, and since, I’ve probably only posted one blog! There are no excuses for it, but if it helps, we have been run off our feet with travel, organising new shipments on the way and dealing with arrivals, as well as our new wholesale venture which has really been a steep learning curve!

You’ll be happy to know that we have just returned (well when I say just I mean about a month ago!) from India and I’m pleased to say that in the next shipment to arrive we have tonnes and tonnes of amazing new pieces and lots of treasure! This should be here early May, with another container to follow which should be (fingers crossed!) arriving June/July. So… HEAPS of treasure as I said! And what’s even better is that this time, we found more of the things we love – which is sometimes really hard! But this time we felt like we hit the jackpot in terms of the pieces we have found old metal ceiling panels, old column candle stands, the most amazing sets of doors and archways you have ever seen, old damchiyas and a few other little ideas we have been working on!

I’m not sure if you are aware, but we have chosen a range of photos that Danny has taken on our travels around the world… entitled ‘On The Road’. We have a few of them framed in Indigo Love, which we have for sale, but have plenty more to choose from! If you are interested in having a look at more of them, please do not hesitate to ask! We have a book we’ve had printed of images to choose from… I’m looking forward to putting the next edition together!

Hopefully my next blog won’t be too far away! We’ve got a lot coming up so there will be no shortage of news!!! Tara x