I’ve been a bit slow off the mark to load these images up, but if it’s any excuse, it’s been a crazy week with so many ‘unexpected’ events to say the least… Aside from that, we’ve just had a shipment of furniture and antique ‘bits and pieces’ from Northern China, containing some of my favourite pieces so far! It’s always exciting when a new shipment comes in – it feels like a lifetime ago that you actually selected the pieces, and when they finally show up all of the excitement comes flooding back!

In this shipment we’ve got a bit of a mix of coloured pieces and raw blonde sideboards. We managed to find some of the most amazing old Tibetan Beds. These have all been adapted in order to be ‘functional’ as such, however usually these beds are double the depth – similar to a singe bed size. We’ve had them cut in half so that they are the perfect depth of a sideboard/buffet – complete with all of the beautiful intricate carving on all doors and drawers. These are perfect television or entertainment units!

Along with the beautiful old blue and white ginger jars, we’ve got some amazing old paper lanterns, rice measures, brick moulds, old Chinese worker’s stools (round and rectangular), coffee tables made from old Chinese doors and some of the most vibrant turquoise pieces of furniture. As usual, I love it all, but will eventually have to part with it as it make sits way to new homes to start a whole new life…