Jen Bishop from the blog Interiors Addict has posted a lovely feature on our home!!! Her blog Interiors Addict has more than 20,000 readers per month. ‘It’s a blog about interior design and styling, homewares, furniture and the personalities behind them. It’s for interiors industry professionals and the everyday person who wants a stylish home, whatever their budget.’… We are so flattered. Thanks so much Jen – very much appreciated! Have a read of her post here:

Our home is an ever-changing, always evolving project. It is very simple, and was designed with the idea in mind that it could one day become the perfect holiday house! We had a very limited budget to begin with in the building stages, but have gradually been able to make it a ‘home’ with the bits and pieces we bring home from our travels. Mind you, it still has a long way to go! We both have big ideas in terms of what we’d like to do to the interior (and outdoor living areas!)… it’s so hard having a furniture and homewares store… I am constantly finding new things I love and it drives Danny crazy!! It takes a long time to collect the pieces you really love, and I always want to make sure they’re ‘just right’. They’re all in my head, it’s just a matter of finding them!