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another day for daydreaming

Posted: Jan 09 2014

Two words… breath taking…

Casa Lola in Trancoso, Brazil is owned by interior designer Jan Eleni Lemonedes, her husband Ronnie Stam and their daughter Lola. The careful mix of glass, wood and cement used to construct the home and the thoughtful addition of decorative pieces collected on their travels, creates the feeling of a rustic, bohemian chic hideaway. Definitely my idea of the perfect home – I could daydream all day long about owning this home!

I love the simplicity and the use of raw and natural materials – the perfect balance. To me, this home allows me to feel like I am on holidays 265 days of the year – it is so relaxed and calm… so peaceful. I can imagine walking around in bare feet on the cool concrete floors with a soft breeze flowing through the house. The staircase below is amazing!!

And who wouldn’t want to dive into that pool or shower in the outdoor artisan made wooden shower? Take me there… please? It is available to rent…

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