Turner Residence by Jensen Architects, California. Wow. What an amazing home. The view, the surroundings, the overall design... absolute perfection.
Public and private areas been separated and thoughtfully considered in a clever and simple design solution. The bedrooms and quieter areas of the home are nestled in the hillside, while the living and dining areas sit above in a transparent pavilion of sorts that opens up completely for access to the outdoor decks, pool patio and expansive views of the mountains and the bay. The remainder of the site has been left raw an untouched, providing a complimentary backdrop for this modern, clean lined and glamorous residence.
What I also love most about this home is the interior. The neutral colour palette and varying natural textural finishes, offer a warm and cosy feel against the clean hard lines of the exterior, and allow a seamless integration to the outdoors when the house is completely opened up.
I will definitely be keeping this one in the archives for some building inspiration!