September 26, 2023

To Love and To Display.

5 tips to expertly style your glass cabinet.

A cabinet of curiosities is the perfect statement piece to hold your treasures and infuse style in your home. People want their interiors to be an expression of themselves and to reflect their own stories, travels and interests, and glass-fronted cabinets (otherwise known as Almirahs) are an ideal way to bring meaningful objects together and cohesively showcase them. Traditionally, Almirahs were a staple piece in almost all Indian households, and used to store salt and grain in the kitchen, or saris, quilts and other textiles in living spaces and bedrooms. It’s time to bring this beautiful concept into your home. We’ll show you how to style your cabinet in a balanced and curated manner to give your much loved treasures the attention they deserve.

Location, location, location

Before you get to the creative part of decorating your shelves, you should give special consideration to where you want to place the display cabinet. A living room is a well suited area for this piece, as it provides visual interest and can be admired by your guests. If you’re all about making a bold impression, the entryway is another location for your glass cabinet - guests will be greeted with an impactful welcome on arrival. We also love display cabinets in high traffic spaces like the dining room and kitchen - ideal for showing off your fine china, ceramics and glassware. We think this stunning solid Teak Vintage Indian Glass Almirah would look perfect in the heart of the home - your kitchen.

A curated composition

The definition of composition is the act of putting something together, or the combination of elements or qualities - and this is exactly what you’ll be doing when curating your cabinet. 

Visually, objects look more interesting when arranged asymmetrically and in groups of odd numbers. You can consider arranging similar pieces together in groups, which will create visual impact and make it easier for viewers to appreciate your collection. This can include grouping items based on a common hue, shape or theme. However it is important to leave some space, rather than cramming the cabinet full.

Vary heights, sizes and textures

When it comes to selecting beloved treasures to include, ensure that you mix together a variety of sizes and heights in your collection. The larger pieces will add weight and stop the display from looking too cluttered - they can also be used to anchor a grouping of smaller items. To add contrast and draw the eye, mix up the materials inside your cabinet. We love blending different textures like glass, ceramics, stone and wood together. Contrast translucent pieces like glass vases with solid items like books or candles, and then add softness with pops of greenery (like a Devil’s Ivy or String of Hearts to sit atop and hang down). The Vintage Indian Showcase would be the perfect furniture choice to hold your decor pieces with pride.

A Light Show

The strategic use of lighting can really enhance your display cabinet by illuminating the objects and showcases their details, colours and textures. Not only does a subtle glow look visually appealing, it also draws the eye to your collection and can be a beautiful way of creating ambience as dusk falls in your home. Try installing LED lights, as they are energy-efficient, produce minimal heat and come in varying colour temperatures to suit your desired ambiance (we usually opt for a warm hue).

Make it bespoke

A sometimes forgotten (yet essential) part of styling your glass cabinet is the background. It’s time to get creative and make your cabinet unique by adding a backdrop like patterned wallpaper, coloured fabric, a bold splash of paint or even a mirror for reflective detailing. Also breathe new life to a cabinet by adding new hardware - we have a stunning selection of stone, ceramic, glass, brass and rattan knobs, pulls and handles to customise to your individual style.

Feeling inspired?

We invite you to explore Few and Far’s full collection of one-of-a-kind cabinets sourced from around the world. And if you need guidance in curating pieces to display, consider our interior stylist services for personalised advice aligned with your own aesthetic. Happy collecting!