7 simple steps to create the perfect arrangement

There's so much thought, technique, preparation and planning that goes into curating the perfect flower arrangement.

However, creating a professional-looking flower arrangement is easier than you think! You don't need an endless variety of flowers to create a gorgeous and interesting arrangement.

If you're a set and forget type of person, then faux flowers are a fuss-free and trendy way to bring some colour and vibrance into your home. Faux flowers are becoming increasingly realistic, and with some of our tricks of the trade, it can be almost impossible to tell whether they're real!

Decision making can be made easier by having a rough shape in mind before you start arranging. Do you want it to be big and round? Tall and cone-shaped? Think about the overall look and feel before you begin.

Here are my seven simple steps to create the perfect faux floral arrangement!

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1. Decide on a theme

Deciding on a theme and a direction is the most difficult part of arranging, especially if you're indecisive! 

Before you go shopping, make sure you have an idea of the colour scheme and size of the arrangement you want to make. Choosing a few shades of the same colour will make it simpler to arrange; then you only have to balance light and dark rather than different hues.

If you're not sure about your colour scheme, start small and simple with one colour, like white, paired with some beautiful lush greenery.

2. Play with proportion

Utilise different sizes and scales of flowers, tall, short, large and small bulbs - long-stem florals are great for large, full arrangements. 

Add flowers to your vessel according to height, ending with long-stemmed filler florals in the centre. Place the tallest flowers in the vase first, followed by half of the remaining flowers, bending the stems so the heads falls a little way beneath the tallest flower. Arrange some of the remaining stems to gather just over the lip of the vessel and place them in bunches at the bottom.

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3. Add structure & texture

Cluster the flowers into bunches in the vase. Be sure to blend complementary colours and varieties, while varying the shape, texture and stem length. Don't forget to add greenery for texture and colour. If you have a bright arrangement, place some greenery on one side to offset the bright colours.

Adding a textured vessel is also a great way to incorporate some different textures and add interest to your arrangement, try woven baskets for added natural texture. 

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4. Make your arrangement cohesive

The simplest way to ensure everything is cohesive is to create a mix of complementary colours and varieties or choose one shade for a monochrome look. 

If you want to mix a large variety of flowers, try grouping flowers together to create focal points in the arrangement. If it's starting to look a little overwhelming, break up the varieties by using different types and textures of greenery.

5. Choose the right vessel

There's a number of different factors to consider when choosing the perfect vessel for your fabulous faux arrangement. You need to consider the type of flowers you plan to use and the size and style of arrangement you want to create.

If your arrangement has a number of tall branches or top-heavy flowers, you will likely need a weighted vessel. Alternatively, pop some water into the bottom.

Tara's top tip:
If your vessel is clear, add water to make the florals look even more realistic.
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    6. Add the illusion of movement

    Make your arrangement look alive by adding flowers to bring movement and draw your eye through the arrangement. These are called spillers. 

    Spillers are often placed on the rim of the container so they 'spill' or cascade over the sides of the vessel. You can use a number of different faux flowers for this, but my favourites are Amaranthus Spray and the Magnolia Japanese Spray in Pink.

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    7. Balance the bunch

    You're almost done, and with a little sprucing up, you can turn your basic blooms into a striking ensemble. It's time to balance your arrangement and add the final touches.

    Step back from your arrangement and check if there are any spaces that need filling in or areas that might need breaking up with some greenery. Finesse the placement until you're completely happy, and voila! Your beautiful faux floral arrangement is ready to go on display for the world to see.

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    How did yours turn out? Snap some pictures and tag us at @fewandfarhome, I'd love to see!