When lockdown makes life feel like groundhog day, there's a few simple changes you can make to your interior that will boost your mood and make staying indoors more bearable.

Turn your organisation into a statement

Practical and satisfying, there's nothing quite like organising the house one room at a time. Try screwing some mason jars lids into the bottom of the cabinetry or even put your utensils on display on a pegboard. Get creative, there are no rules!

Go grand with green

Being stuck inside can be challenging, so bring the outdoors in with some plants, this will also make rooms feel larger and fresher, so you can breathe easy. Try enhancing the mood with an interesting basket or pot.

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Start a veggie patch or herb garden

Not only does this add interest to your outdoor space, but it will this give you a sense of purpose and something yummy to throw into your dinner! Veggie patches and herb gardens come in all shapes and sizes, so don't let your small apartment balcony stop you. Grab some pots and get gardening!

Set the mood with lighting

Lighting is one of the easiest and most effective ways to add ambience, mood and interest to any space. Sometimes bigger is better - adding a big pendant light in the entryway can add a bold statement while increasing practicality and aesthetic in the space.
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Don't forget the wall

Wallpaper is the chameleon of home interiors. It can completely change the mood of a room. You can even get removable wallpaper for those who are renting. If you're not keen on wallpaper, then hanging interesting artwork is a great solution to a blank wall.

Change up your accents

Don't sulk in a drab interior. Simple, and often overlooked - change up your accents. Rotate your cushions, throws and table decor to feel like you're in a brand new space.

Layer your rugs

The only thing better than one rug is two rugs! Layering rugs can create a more inviting and cosy feeling to your space. Try a jute rug underneath a warm fuzzy one on top!

Rearrange the furniture

Don't want to buy all new furniture but desperate for a change before you go insane? It's time to rearrange! There are so many different ways to style a room, and don't forget that furniture doesn't always have to be up against walls!