Welcome to Few and Far Berry! It's about time I posted something about our beautiful new store!!! We've been open since the 26th November, and things have been going really really well. We are so happy with how the store has turned out and it looks amazing! We've tried to keep our stamp on it and have personalised the space (Danny and I created all of the wall panels using different methods to inject personality) and the layout is spacious and easy to navigate. Definitely an inspiring space!

It was by no means an easy task. As usual, we have knocked out walls and built things from scratch. My Dad was heavily involved in the fit out (the very talented builder he is!), which I am so thankful for. He just gets me. I don't have to go into great detail as to how I want something to look or how it should be finished, because he knows me so well and what I like, he understands me without too much explanation.  That saves a lot of time (mostly mine, it probably costs him a lot of time - sorry Dad!), but the result is always just the way we want.
We have so many custom designed features in this new store. We have custom made shelving (another benefit of having a builder and 'timber hoarder' of a father!). Our shelving has been made from old doors and big slabs of timber from fallen trees. An old Chinese door leads us into the storeroom and the back wall behind our counter is tiled with old shutters and the cutest old Indian mirrors collected on our travels. We've even created a wall panel collaged with pages from old Women's Weekly magazines from the 1950's... not an area unconsidered.

As in our Huskisson store, we have a unique selection of one-off pieces as well as rugs, lighting, furniture and everything in-between! Lots of travel inspired pieces as well as a variety of entertaining items such as cheeseboards, flatware and serving utensils, glassware, you name it!

So if you are wandering the streets of Berry, we'd love to see you! We are located out near the back car park, behind the IGA. There is plenty of parking available!