We are over the moon about our rugs being featured in the August edition
of House & Garden Magazine. Each of these rugs are part of our latest collection of  Vintage Moroccan Rugs that I selected from rooftops and souks in Morocco.
The Moroccan Zanafi rug is a very different 'High Atlas' style with the design elements of the zigzag, triangle and diamond that appear frequently in High Atlas architecture and pottery. The rugs are called also "Glaoua" by merchants in the souqs of Marrakech because they were first made under the rule of Thami El Glaoui, Pasha of Marrakesh. 
The Beni M'guild region lays in the Western Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco. Summers are cool and winters can be quite harsh with heavy snowfalls and some of the lowest temperatures in Africa. Because of this, the Ben M'guild people make their rugs thick and pile them to protect their families against the cold. Woven traditionally by women on a vertical loom, these carpets tend to have simple geometric designs running down or across with cream, red, brown or blue background. 
All our Vintage, one of a kind Moroccan Rugs are now available online. I hope you love them as much as I loved choosing them xxx