Spring has Sprung: Update your space this Spring

Spring is here and I'm absolutely loving the warmer weather, because it means we can go on more barefoot beach walks! I took this photo the other day on one of our first beach walks of the season - it reminded me how fortunate we are to live and work in such a beautiful part of the world!

Now that we're well and truly making our way through the last half of the year (where did 2021 go?!) it's time to refresh and clear out the clutter. So, here's some things you can do this month to bring more focus, zen and peace into your home.


We're spending more time at home now than ever before, so there's no better time than to do a big Spring Clean. My general rule is if I haven't used it in 18 months, it's time to go.

If you're lacking the clean-fairy inspiration, put Marie Kondo on in the background and get rid of anything that 'doesn't spark joy'. Make sure you're getting into the deep, dark depths of your closet, because who knows what's still in there from five years ago?!

If you have clothes, furniture or knick-knacks that are still in good condition, don't throw them out - try selling them! As they say... One man's trash is another man's treasure! 


Spruce up your front door this spring with a lick of paint or even some decorative florals.

If you'd like to change the colour on your front door but don't know where to start, look at the colour of your facade and use a complimentary colour. If you're not sure what might be complementary to your facade, try this complementary colour wheel!

Alternatively, if you want something a little different and aren't too worried about matchy-matchy (like me) pick a shade of your favourite colour and go to town!

 Photo credit - @GenevaVanderzeil


Spring brings longer days and warmer nights which means we can spend more time outside with a glass of wine in hand, enjoying the sunset and the sound of dinner being cooked on the barbecue.

Give your outdoor furniture a refresh by cleaning off the cobwebs, give the cushions a wash and wipe the table down. If your outdoor setting is looking tired, try adding some colourful, weather proof cushions and table decor.


A pantry purge is (in my opinion) one of the most fun spring cleaning jobs in the house. I normally pull everything out and put it onto the floor and the bench so I can see everything at once. Then, I check dates on everything (because you never know what's been lurking in the back of the cupboard!).

I like to put open packets (like pasta, grains or granola) into reusable jars, labeled with the name of the product and the use-by date. Not only does it looks a lot neater, but its so much easier to keep track of what's open and keeps everything fresher for longer!

Photo credit - @MyScandinavianHome


Get your hands on some colourful blooms and vases to add a pop of interested to your space. Perfect on the coffee table, as part of a dining table centrepiece or to dress up some shelving. 

If bunches of flowers aren't your aesthetic, try some potted plants around the home. Not only do plants promote wellbeing and clean living but if they're styled in a nice pot, then they can beautifully accent any space.

If you missed out on the green thumb gene but love the look of greenery, then try faux florals. They have come so far in the last few years - it's getting harder and harder to tell they're not real.


Delight your senses with some aromatherapy! I love putting some select candles around the house to enhance the mood when someone walks in.

We have some beautiful fragrances that perfectly compliment Spring time, like our Few & Far Signature Candle, Sakura Blossom Candle, Tuscan Fig Candle or Bonsai Tree Reed Diffuser


Do you love your bed? Nothing beats curling up into a freshly made, soft, comfortable bed. Treat yourself to some luxurious new linens, throws, pillows and cushions this Spring. Linen sheets will keep you cool during the hotter months and warmer during the cooler months.

Photo credit - @OurFoodStories